What Not to Do When Preparing For A Lung Test

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At Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers in Los Angeles, CA, we offer different lung function tests to our patients to help evaluate how well their lungs are working. Based on your initial exam and any symptoms you’re experiencing, our board-certified physician in pulmonary medicine, Dr. Avi Ishaaya, can suggest different tests to confirm a lung diagnosis. If it is deemed medically necessary, we may also conduct allergy testing. Our radiology suite is on-site and uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide quick imaging results. This means that after a diagnosis, you can start treatment fast and get back to healthy lungs.

Common lung conditions

Dr. Ishaaya uses lung function tests to confirm the diagnosis of different lung conditions, including:

  • Asthma: For asthma patients, we offer medication management for coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, or tightening of the chest.

  • Bronchitis: Bronchitis is a common respiratory illness. When your lungs are triggered by an inhalant or exposed to a virus, you will have a bronchial response. Common symptoms of bronchitis include sore throat, loud barking cough, whistling, or mucus or congestion in the chest.

  • Pneumonia: This is caused by a virus, fungi, or bacteria that can be deadly if left untreated. For any patient experiencing the chills, body aches, a fever, swollen lymph nodes, shortness of breath, cough with mucus, or fatigue, lung testing is suggested.

How to prepare for lung testing

It’s important to know what not to do when preparing for a lung test. Dr. Ishaaya will review guidelines to follow with you before your lung test. Smoking is not advised; however, if you do smoke, refrain from smoking at least one hour before your test. Avoid alcohol for at least four hours before testing. Do not perform any strenuous exercise for at least a half-hour before testing. Be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing for your test. While you don’t have to fast, we recommend having a light meal about two hours before your lung test as a heavy meal can affect breathing.

About pulmonary function tests

At Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers in Los Angeles, CA, we use different pulmonary function tests to measure how well your lungs are performing. These tests give Dr. Ishaaya a baseline medical record for your lung health that he can use to compare your results to other results to see how well your lungs work. We also can assess how effective your treatment is over time with subsequent pulmonary function testing. These noninvasive breathing tests can all be done on the same day as your consultation.

Some pulmonary function tests we perform include:

  1. Exhale nitric oxide test: This test looks for inflammation in your airways, and how well treatment and/or medicine is working for those who have had lung testing already.

  2. Lung imaging: Our experienced radiologists can perform X-rays, CT scans, or ultrasounds to look for lung disease or cancer.

  3. Methacholine challenge: The bronchoprovocation test confirms an asthma diagnosis. The patient inhales methacholine, which narrows the airway. Dr. Ishaaya can document your response to determine if you have asthma.

  4. Oxygen walk study: The patient will walk on a flat surface for six minutes. We look at your lung function and what conditions you may be at risk of developing or currently have.

Learn how lung function testing can improve your health

At Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers in Los Angeles, CA, we offer various lung function tests to evaluate your lung function and overall health. Dr. Avi Ishaaya uses these tests to determine the treatment plan for your diagnosis. To schedule a consultation to learn more about pulmonary function tests, call our team today.

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