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We want to help you live your best life at our aesthetics practice, Optima Medical Spa, in Los Angeles, CA.

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Our medical team at Dr. Avi Ishaaya Wellness Centers in Beverly Hills, CA provides compassionate, comprehensive medical services for men and women.

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At Dr. Avi Ishaaya Wellness Centers in Beverly Hills, CA, we have an unwavering dedication to our patients. Our board-certified physican, Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya, provides on-site testing and imaging with same or next-day results, and he can diagnose and treat conditions without delay for the lungs, heart, hormones, micronutrient deficiencies, allergies, sleep apnea, and more.

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Breathe Easy, Live Well

Dr. Avi Ishaaya Wellness Centers in Beverly Hills, CA, can provide you with diagnostic testing and specific treatments for your lungs, heart, and allergies that you need to live well. For your convenience, we perform on-site tests and imaging with state-of-the-art technologies on-site.

Women's Health Services

We offer services for women in every stage of life — starting with our comprehensive wellness exams and annual physicals. In addition, we have sexual health treatments and menopause management with hormone replacement therapy at Optima Medcial Spa in Beverly Hills, CA.

Men's Health Services

Our men's health services are available through Dr. Ishaaya Wellness Centers and Optima Medical Spa in Beverly Hills, CA. With comprehensive blood testing and evaluations, we can also manage hormonal imbalances for men with customized hormone replacement therapy.

Sleep Treatments

Quality sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. When you can’t sleep or you sleep poorly, it can be incredibly frustrating. Treating sleep disordered patients for more than 20 years, Dr. Avi Ishaaya is available to evaluate patients who may be experiencing sleep-related disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, or narcolepsy. At the Dr. Avi Ishaaya Wellness Centers in Beverly Hills, CA, patients can choose to have a sleep study at our private sleep laboratory or at home (if eligible).

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"We honor the dignity and worth of each patient. We pledge that at all times we will treat our patients with utmost respect and compassion."

– Dr. Abraham "Avi" Ishaaya


Meet Dr. Abraham "Avi" Ishaaya

Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya, M.D. is board certified in pulmonary, sleep, internal, and geriatric medicine. Since 1996, Dr. Ishaaya has been in private practice in Beverly Hills, CA. He is a member of the American Board of Bariatric Medicine and an assistant clinical professor of medicine at the UCLA School of Medicine. Dr. Ishaaya is an accomplished speaker, author, and medical legal expert. What sets Dr. Ishaaya apart from other doctors is his exceptional availability, vast knowledge, and deep personal concern for his patients.

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