What Does An Abnormal EKG Stress Test Mean?

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For patients with an increased risk of developing serious medical conditions, such as Type II diabetes and heart disease, cardiometabolic testing gives Dr. Avi Ishaaya helpful information before they even experience any symptoms. At Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers, we help our patients monitor these risks with EKG stress testing. You may be at risk for metabolic syndrome in Los Angeles, CA, which is diagnosed by our board-certified physician after an EKG stress test. This testing gives us insight into your current and future health all at the same time. An abnormal EKG stress test can mean a variety of problems with your health that Dr. Ishaaya can address almost immediately before anything serious develops.

What is an EKG test?

An EKG stress test is a common heart test that is usually used as a screening test. At our Los Angeles, CA testing center, we will place nodes on your chest wall. This allows us to track your heart’s rhythm. This gives us important information about your heart rate and rhythm. Best of all, it is used to diagnose abnormal heart tracings, including an irregular heartbeat, a low or fast heart rate, or even a blockage. An EKG gives Dr. Ishaaya clues about possible abnormalities in your heart muscle or enlargement of one of your heart chambers.

Patients in Los Angeles, CA who should consider having an EKG stress test is someone who:

  • Has a family history of diabetes, stroke, or heart disease

  • Has a poor diet or who lives a sedentary life

  • Smokes

  • Is over overweight or obese

  • Is over 45

  • Has high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, sleep apnea, polycystic ovary syndrome, or a hormone imbalance

What is an EKG test used for?

This stress testing can be used to help Dr. Ishaaya to learn about:

  1. Blockages: This can occur in one or many chambers of the heart and lead to a heart attack.

  2. Coronary artery disease: This happens when your heart problems are caused by narrowed arteries that supply blood to your heart.

  3. Heart failure: This is when your heart muscles don’t pump blood well.

  4. Heart valve disease: This means that one or more of your heart valves don’t open or close properly.

  5. Ischemic heart disease: This means that your heart doesn’t get enough oxygen and/or blood.

These are five of the most common things that may cause an abnormal EKG stress test at Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers in Los Angeles, CA. After your test, he can make treatment recommendations for you, depending on whether you received an abnormal EKG stress test result or not.

Possible treatments for abnormal EKG stress test results

Some treatment suggestions for an abnormal EKG stress test include:

  • Diet or nutrition counseling

  • Exercise

  • Medication

  • Quit smoking

  • Weight loss

Together, we can create a game plan that works best for your health. Ultimately, stress tests can detect problems with your health before anything serious happens.

Learn how having an EKG stress test can save your life

When you want to know if your heart is working well, Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers offers different stress tests in Los Angeles, CA. These tests can help us treat illnesses, such as heart disease or pre-diabetes, in their early stages before they become life-threatening. Preventive medicine and lifestyle changes help you to maintain your health even after an abnormal EKG stress test result. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Avi Ishaaya today to learn more about an EKG test near me.

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