What are the Benefits of a Circulatory Test?

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Healthy blood flow is key for the body to perform a wide variety of functions. Poor circulation can affect men and women of any age, leading to inconvenient or scary symptoms that impede daily life. At Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers, we provide patients residing near Los Angeles, CA with circulatory testing. Dr. Avi Ishaaya is a renowned board-certified physician with many years of experience who can help patients identify symptoms of poor circulation and guide them through the next steps of intervention.

What are common symptoms of circulatory problems?

Many individuals may not realize that they are living with poor circulation. Common signs and symptoms of reduced blood flow could include any of the following:

  • Fatigue

  • Numbness in the hands and feet

  • Cold hands or feet

  • Digestive issues

  • Cognitive dysfunction or mental fog

  • Muscle cramps

  • Joint pain

  • Swelling in the limbs

Of course, these can also be symptoms of other underlying medical problems. Dr. Ishaaya can help patients ascertain if their symptoms are blood flow-related with the use of detailed circulatory testing.

What is circulatory testing?

Circulatory testing is a noninvasive assessment tool that measures blood flow throughout your heart, carotid artery, and the circulatory veins and arteries lining your arms and legs. Dr. Ishaaya utilizes ultrasound technology to identify abnormal blood flow via high frequency sound waves. Circulatory testing can help confirm blockages that reduce blood flow and are dangerous to your overall health.

Who typically needs circulatory testing?

Men and women who generally need circulatory testing are those who exhibit symptoms of poor blood flow. Others may benefit from circulatory testing if they are living with, or show signs and symptoms of, any of the following medical conditions:

  • Hypertension or high blood pressure

  • Stroke

  • Heart attack

  • Heart failure

  • Atherosclerosis or hardened arteries

  • Peripheral artery disease

Dr. Ishaaya will review your medical history and assess your current signs and symptoms to see if circulatory testing in Los Angeles is right for you.

What are the benefits of a circulatory test?

There are several benefits patients can reap from participating in circulatory testing, including:

  • Virtually pain-free, risk-free assessment of your circulatory system

  • Prevention of future complications from blood flow blockages

  • Timely results for immediate medical intervention

How does circulatory testing work?

Circulatory testing is performed at Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers in one of our private treatment rooms. Ultrasound testing requires no local anesthesia and is noninvasive. One of our team members will apply a warmed lubricant to the skin, and the ultrasound handpiece will be applied to each target area. The emitted high-frequency sound waves can confirm or rule out blockages or other conditions causing reduced blood flow.

What are some ways to improve blood flow?

Since healthy circulation is essential for the body to thrive, individuals can apply several tips to improve blood flow, including:

  • Staying well hydrated

  • Eating healthy foods

  • Avoiding junk foods or foods high in fat

  • Exercising regularly

  • Reducing tobacco and alcohol use

  • Decreasing stress levels

  • Getting enough sleep at night

  • Elevating legs to reduce swelling

  • Participating in regular massages

  • Dry-brushing the skin every day

  • Adhering to any medication regimens provided by your physician

Learn more about the benefits of circulatory testing in Los Angeles

If you live near Los Angeles, CA, and live with symptoms of reduced blood flow, contact our team at Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers today and schedule a consultation. Dr. Avi Ishaaya can introduce you to circulatory testing and help you determine if it’s right for you and your treatment path for healthy blood flow.

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