Reasons Why A Wellness Exam Is Important At Every Age

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It’s no secret that preventing health problems is often easier than treating them. Furthermore, the early detection of medical issues can save a person’s life. Disease prevention and early diagnosis are just two of the many reasons why regular visits to the doctor are essential. At Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers in Beverly Hills, CA, board-certified physician Dr. Avi Ishaaya is proud to help patients preserve and protect their health through comprehensive wellness exams. Learn more about the importance of routine wellness exams here.

What is a wellness exam?

Sometimes called a well visit or annual check-up, a wellness exam is an evaluation of a patient’s health performed at regular intervals. Wellness exams are typically used to assess the patient’s current health while also evaluating for potential issues based on their personal and family history, lifestyle, and other factors.

What’s included in a wellness exam?

Generally speaking, patients can expect their wellness exam to involve the following:

  • Lab work (blood work)
  • Immunizations as needed
  • Vital signs
  • Urinalysis
  • Physical exam
  • Discussion regarding current health, symptoms, or changes since their last visit
  • Health history
  • Evaluation of overall physical health and psychological well-being
  • Discussion regarding lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, exercise, diet, etc.)
  • Specific studies based on personal risk factors (family history of disease, etc.)
  • Time to ask questions

Because every person’s situation is unique, Dr. Ishaaya takes a personalized approach to wellness exams, tailoring the visit to meet each patient’s individual needs. During your appointment, Dr. Ishaaya will take ample time to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have at length.

How often do I need a wellness exam?

In most cases, patients are encouraged to have a general wellness exam once per year. For patients with certain risk factors, such as a family history of prostate cancer or a personal history of an abnormal gynecologic exam, more frequent visits to the doctor may be recommended.

Do I still need a wellness exam if I’m young and healthy?

Many people feel that if they are young, healthy, and have no personal or family history of disease, they don’t need routine wellness exams. However, annual visits to the doctor are highly beneficial for people of all ages and risk levels. Not only do routine wellness exams give your physician a detailed record of your health over time, but these visits also give you the best possible chance of preventing serious conditions or detecting health problems early. In many cases, patients who are found to have advanced disease or late-stage cancers report not having undergone regular wellness exams.

Additionally, annual physicals and exams give you the opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with your physician. This allows for a more personalized, custom-tailored approach to your health care over time.

Protect your current and future health with annual well visits in Beverly Hills, CA

Whether you’re 25 and healthy or 65 with a history of medical issues, wellness exams should still be incorporated into your healthcare regimen. To learn more about the importance of regular wellness exams, call the knowledgeable team at Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers in Beverly Hills, CA to schedule your first appointment with esteemed board-certified physician Dr. Avi Ishaaya today.

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