How Is Sleep Apnea Diagnosed?

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Sleep apnea causes breathing pauses during sleep due to a blocked or collapsed airway. When this happens, your body wakes up repeatedly so that breathing can resume adequately. These sleep interruptions prevent you from sleeping well and can cause several health problems, including an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Board-certified physician Dr. Avi Ishaaya treats sleep apnea at his clinic in Los Angeles, CA. He provides sleep studies to patients suffering from various sleep problems at his state-of-the-art sleep lab, which is fully accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. If you are more comfortable, it is possible to conduct a sleep apnea test at home. Contact Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers to find out more or schedule a consultation.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea occurs when breathing pauses happen because the muscles at the back of the throat are blocked or collapse. When you have sleep apnea, your body doesn’t get the oxygen it needs, which can lead to serious health issues when left untreated. Dr. Ishaaya has treated sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, for more than 20 years. At his private practice in Los Angeles, CA, he can evaluate sleeping and breathing problems during a sleep apnea consultation. He also offers comprehensive sleep testing to determine the cause of your sleeping issue, which may include a history of sleep apnea.

How does sleep apnea affect the body?

Sleep apnea can affect the entire body, including the:

  • Cardiovascular system: Sleep apnea can lead to a higher risk of developing high blood pressure and obesity. Both of these increase strain on the heart. If you have sleep apnea, you’re more likely to have an abnormal heart rhythm, which is responsible for a stroke.

  • Digestive system: Sleep apnea patients are more likely to have fatty liver disease or high levels of liver enzymes. Sleep apnea can also worsen GERD symptoms, which causes sleep problems.

  • Endocrine system: People with sleep apnea are at a higher risk of developing insulin resistance, which can lead to the development of Type II diabetes.

  • Respiratory system: When you’re deprived of oxygen when sleeping, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease symptoms can become severe.

These possible effects on your body are why it’s important to have a sleep apnea consultation at Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers in Los Angeles, CA when suspect you may have sleep apnea.

How to get diagnosed with sleep apnea

During a sleep apnea consultation, we will evaluate how you take in a breath. This impacts the air that you take into your body. When you have an obstruction, your sleep patterns are at risk. At Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers in Los Angeles, CA, we treat patients with mild symptoms. Recognizing sleep apnea signs is important to your overall health. Dr. Ishaaya is familiar with the warning signs of sleep apnea and can help to diagnose the problem.

During a sleep apnea consultation, he will assess your:

  • Age and family history: Older patients are more likely to be diagnosed with sleep apnea or other sleeping disorders. Sleep apnea can also run in your family.

  • Sleep patterns: Dr. Ishaaya will ask you questions about when you wake up, how you wake up, and how often you get a good night’s sleep. Daytime sleepiness may be caused by sleep apnea.

  • Weight: Those who are obese or overweight have a higher risk of developing sleep apnea.

Treating sleep apnea

Patients with risk factors for sleep apnea can be screened and tested for sleep apnea at Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Ishaaya offers sleep testing to diagnose sleeping disorders, like sleep apnea. If you’re diagnosed with sleep apnea, we can discuss possible treatment options with you, such as a positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy, which keeps your airways open while you’re asleep.

Schedule a sleep apnea to help improve your sleep

When you’re ready to sleep better, it’s time to call Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers in Los Angeles, CA to schedule a sleep apnea consultation with board-certified physician Dr. Avi Ishaaya. He can assess your health and decide if you have sleep apnea or another sleep disorder to improve your health.

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