Can a Micronutrient Test Reveal a Hormone Imbalance?

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Micronutrient testing is an exciting procedure that reviews how well your body operates at a cellular level. The test identifies the vitamins and minerals in your body and reviews if you have any deficiencies that can trigger fatigue, weight gain, muscle weakness, or pains throughout the body. Board-certified physician Dr. Avi Ishaaya and the team at Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers are proud to offer micronutrient tests for our patients in Beverly Hills, CA.

Here’s a closer look at how micronutrient testing can identify hormone imbalances.

What happens during a micronutrient test?

During a micronutrient test, a doctor will collect a small blood sample from your body. The sample then goes to a lab to undergo a thorough analysis that can take a few weeks to complete. Your test results will reveal details on how well your body manages its vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and metabolites, as well as which nutrients you are missing and how they might trigger a hormone imbalance or other health concerns.

The testing process also focuses on micronutrients that may influence how your body functions. These include zinc, magnesium, and vitamins C, B6, and E.

What can cause micronutrient deficiencies?

Micronutrient deficiencies can occur because you lack various critical nutrients. Selenium is one such example, as a lack of this compound can reduce your fertility rate and weaken your immune system. Not having enough iodine can make it harder for your body to produce thyroid hormones, which are necessary for managing your body’s metabolic rate and brain development.

Various vitamins can also cause hormone issues, as not having enough vitamin B12 can weaken the thyroid gland and reduce its ability to produce DNA for your cells. Vitamin D is also necessary for preventing Hashimoto’s disease, a condition where the thyroid gland becomes excessively active and triggers bone loss.

You may need a micronutrient test if you’re experiencing any possible gland issues, decreased heart rate, infertility, or struggling with common aging signs, like weak muscles and unusual fat deposits.

What can I do to restore my micronutrient deficiencies?

We can use your test results to determine if you have noticeable hormone imbalances or micronutrient deficiencies, and identify the proper nutrients your body requires to restore its hormonal activities. Some dietary changes to help you increase your nutrient intake may work, but we can also recommend over-the-counter supplements or even some prescription-strength ones if necessary. Some lifestyle modifications are also critical for helping you boost your overall health.

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