Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, personalized medical evaluation to address the medical concerns of each of our patients which may include the need for further testing. To that end, we are able to offer wide range of testing and screening procedures at our center saving time and money to our patients.

"Not feeling well" appointment

Runny nose
Shortness of breath
Feeling under the weather
Sinus headaches
Leg swelling
Poor circulation
Blood clots
Chest Pain
Having aches and pains
Any other symptoms with which you are concern and would like to see the doctor

Comprehensive Medical Evaluation (Annual Physical Exam/Pre-Operative Evaluation)

We believe in the practice of preventative medicine to ensure better health. Unfortunately, as adults, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.
Just like we take care of our car’s preventative maintenance, we should not neglect to schedule our own annual check -up.
During your appointment, if additional testing is needed to further evaluate any medical concerns, you will be able to undergo such testing in our offices saving you time and money.

Some of the procedures and testing available at our offices include:

Complete laboratory testing with overnight results (blood & urine)
Echocardiography and EKG
Home Holter Monitor Test
Exercise Stress Testing
Ultrasound: Venous, arterial, thyroid, carotid, abdominal
Hearing Test
Oxygen Walk Studies
Pulmonary Function Testing
Xolair Injections to improve lung function
Allergy skin testing and immunotherapy treatment
Sleep disorder evaluation and diagnostics
Body Composition and Fat Analysis

Heart Testing

At our center, we perform several diagnostic tests to evaluate how well your heart functions. These tests can usually be done on the same day as your scheduled consultation.

Electrocardiogram (EKG):
This is a painless, noninvasive test that checks for any issues with the electrical activity of your heart. It records the electrical activity of different areas of the heart and transcribes it as wavy lines on paper.
An EKG may be performed to check for a variety of issues:

      •	Irregular heartbeat
      •	The heart’s electrical activity 
      •	Causes of unexplained chest pain or symptoms of heart disease
      •	Damage to heart muscle and tissue
      •	Changes in the thickness of the heart walls
      •	Chemical or electrolyte imbalances in the body 

Echocardiogram (Echo). This is a noninvasive and painless ultrasound of your heart, which uses high-pitched sound waves to create a picture of your heart that can be seen on a video screen.
We perform three types of echocardiograms in our center:
Transthoracic echocardiogram: Our ultrasound technician moves the transducer over your chest or abdominal wall to obtain different views of your heart.
Stress Echocardiogram: Our ultrasound technician will view your heart before and after your heart is stressed by you walking or running on our treadmill. If you are scheduled for this test, you should wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
Doppler Echocardiogram: We use this test to examine the speed and direction of the blood flow through your blood vessels, heart valves and heart chambers.

Echocardiogram is performed to:

      •	Assess the functionality of your heart
      •	Evaluate existence of different types of heart conditions
      •	Assess heart valve problems
      •	Examine the effectiveness of heart medication.
      •	Evaluate blood clots in the heart’s vessels

Unless otherwise instructed, there are no special preparations that you need to take before an echocardiogram. Thus you may eat, drink and take your medications as you normally would.

In addition to the above tests in our center, we offer Home Holter Monitor Testing.

Lung Testing

Pulmonary function tests (PFT’s) are non-invasive breathing tests done to measure how well the lungs perform. More specifically, these tests are used to:

      •	Measure your lung volume, the strength of your diaphragm and the airflow to & from your lungs.
      •	Compare your lung function with standards that show how well your lungs should be working. 
      •	Detect narrowing in the airways.
      •	Diagnose certain types of lung disease (such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema)
      •	Find the cause of shortness of breath
      •	Measure the effect of chronic diseases like asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD),
        or cystic fibrosis on lung function.
      •	Identify early changes in lung function that might show a need for a change in treatment.
      •	Measure whether exposure to chemicals at work or home affects lung function
      •	Check lung function before someone has surgery
      •	Assess the effect of medication
      •	Measure progress in disease treatment

These non-invasive breathing tests are done during one appointment, and most often can be done on the same day as your medical consultation. You will be asked to breath into a tube that is connected to a machine. Our PFT technician will give you specific instructions on how to do these tests. It may take an effort to do these tests, and you may become tired or light-headed. To get the most accurate results from your breathing tests:

      •	Do not smoke for at least 1 hour before the test.
      •	Do not drink alcohol for at least 4 hours before the test.
      •	Do not exercise heavily for at least 30 minutes before the test.
      •	Do not wear tight clothing that makes it difficult for you to take a deep breath.
      •	Do not eat a large meal within 2 hours before the test. 

Some medications should not be taken before the test. Please check with us prior to your appointment.

Comprehensive Sleep Disorder Evaluation

Treating sleep disorders patients for over 20 years, Dr. Avi Ishaaya is available to evaluate patients who may be experiencing or are concerned with untreated sleep disorders. At the Avi Ishaaya Centers, patients can choose between sleep laboratory services and home sleep apnea treatment services.

  • Comprehensive Sleep Disorder Evaluation
  • State-of-the-art, accredited sleep laboratory accommodating children and adults
  • Home sleep apnea services
  • Sleep Apnea PAP therapy devices & supplies
  • PAP therapy set up appointments
  • PAP therapy compliance management services
  • Narcolepsy treatment and management program
  • Light therapy for the treatment of advanced or delayed sleep phase syndrome
  • Light therapy for the treatment of seasonal affective depression
  • Sleeping aids

Learn more about our sleep laboratory services
Learn more about our home sleep services

Bronchial Thermoplasty for Severe Asthma (With the Alair® System)

Bronchial Thermoplasty is a new and safe, outpatient procedure performed by Dr. Avi Ishaaya to treat severe persistant asthma in adults 18 and older using the new Alair System.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic disease in the lungs where the airways can become smaller or narrower and make it harder to breathe. Triggers causing the airways to narrow are different for each person, and can include: allergens, irritants, exercise, respiratory infections, and weather/cold air. Asthma significantly impacts quality of life and can be life-threatening.

What is bronchial thermoplasty?

It’s a procedure that delivers controlled heat to the airway walls in the lungs to limit the muscle’s ability to constrict the airways – and help you breathe better. Bronchial thermoplasty is an outpatient hospital procedure performed over 3 treatment sessions by Dr. Avi Ishaaya, which has been shown to increase asthma control and improve quality of life in patients with severe asthma.

How is the Procedure Performed?

The bronchial thermoplasty procedure is performed by Dr. Avi Ishaaya, a specially trained pulmonologist with 17 years experience, at the Miracle Mile Surgical Center. The procedure typically takes less than an hour. Following the procedure, you will be monitored for 2-4 hours and can go home the same day. To treat the entire lung, the complete procedure is performed in 3 outpatient procedure visits, each scheduled approximately 3 weeks apart.

What are the Benefits of Bronchial Thermoplasty?

Bronchial thermoplasty has been shown to improve asthma-related quality of life and asthma control – including decreased severe asthma attacks, reduced ER visits and hospitalization for respiratory symptoms and less days lost from work, school and other daily activities due to asthma. Severe asthma treatment can greatly impact the quality of your life in a positive way.

Is Bronchial Thermoplasty Covered By Insurance?

Coverage policies and payment varies by payer. We will contact your insurance company prior to having bronchial thermoplasty to confirm coverage and payment and to obtain pre-authorization as needed. Bronchial thermoplasty has been pre-authorized on a case-by-case basis by several payers.

Click here or Call 1-323-954-1788 to schedule an appointment to discuss your asthma treatment options.

Allergy Skin Testing

The Scratch Test, also known as the prick-puncture test, is one of the most acceptable methods of allergy testing. A small amount of allergens is placed under the skin surface to check for reaction. Testing can be done for different allergens at the same time, and results are usually obtained within 15-20 minutes.
Note: Avoidance of allergens could potentially prevent further progression of diseases including Nasal Polyposis, Chronic Sinusitis, and Asthma with recurrent exacerbation and other irreversible disease.

Our tests are fast, reliable and painless, and can be used both to diagnose and to monitor the benefit of treatment for respiratory problems such as asthma.

Some of the allergic triggers tested include:
Pollen and Environmental Allergy:
Tree pollen, flowering plants, grass pollen, ragweed pollen, dust mites, feathers.
Mold Allergy:
Fusarium, Hormodendrum, Helminthosporium
Animal Allergy:
Cat, dog, horse, rodent, cockroach
Food Allergy:
Meat, chicken, fish, shellfish, milk products, eggs, soy products, peanuts, other nuts, fruits, vegetables, oat, rye, barley.


Allergy shots are administrated to decrease the degree of allergic reaction to a specific allergen. In general, allergy shot therapy can last about a year. Initially, patients have a weekly appointment that last about 20 minutes, during which they are given the allergy shot and are monitored for any adverse reaction. After a few months, the potency of the allergen increases and the frequency of the appointment for the shots decreases. When the patient does not react to the allergen at its most potent stage, the therapy is complete.

VIP Services
At our centers, everyone is a VIP.  As our patient, you may enjoy the following benefits:
•	Same or next day  appointment
•	24/7 access to our online patient portal where you can schedule appointments, request  
        prescription refill, and view your medical records.
•	Cell phone and email access to your physician
•	Availability for Home visits (additional fee may apply)
•	Telemedicine appointments (additional fee may apply)

Corporate Services

Realizing that your business success depends on increased productivity, it is essential to keep your employees healthy and well. From entry level to the CEO, you and your employees will enjoy comprehensive, compassionate and convenient health care tailored to your needs. Our corporate services aim to reduce sick days and keep your employees healthy while saving you and your employees time and money.
We will bring our portable medical services to your company’s workplace making it more convenient to your employees and reducing employees’ absence time from work.

Corporate Wellness Program at your company’s workplace

An annual Wellness Examination consisting of a thorough physical exam and medical history and any of the following tests based on your doctor’s recommendations:

  • General blood work including advanced lab screening
  • Urinalysis
  • EKG
  • Allergy testing
  • Echocardiogram
  • Home Sleep testing
  • Holter Monitoring
  • General and cardiac ultrasound
  • Pulmonary (lung) testing
  • Fat analysis

  • You and your employees will enjoy our VIP benefits including:

  • Same or next day appointment at our center
  • 24/7 access to our online patient portal where you can schedule appointments
  • Request prescription refill, and view your medical records.
  • Cell phone and email access to your physician
  • Availability for Home visits (additional fee may apply)
  • Telemedicine appointments (additional fee may apply)