• I’ve had a dramatic improvement to my health. Calling Dr. Avi was one of the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.
    Dennis Prager, Host of The Dennis Prager Show
  • Dr. Ishaaya has been my physician for over 4 years. He is always available when I need him. He is very knowledgeable and compassionate. His staff is caring and helpful. I feel fortunate to have him as my doctor.
    Frank H.
  • Dr. Avi has taken care of me for many years. I first met him when I was morbidly overweight with a tracheostomy tube in my neck and on chronic oxygen. Now, I am over one hundred pounds lighter, off oxygen, and able to exercise. Thanks, Dr. Avi for everything!
    Mark P.
  • When I met Dr. Ishaaya, everything changed. I now sleep at least five hours straight without waking up or gasping for air. My snoring is a thing of the past.
    Rick H,
    Assistant Coach for The Raiders
  • I owe my life to Dr. Ishaaya. He has truly been there for me. He is not only my doctor, he is a good friend. Thank you Dr. Ishaaya for everything you have done.
    Donna O.
  • Dr. Ishaaya has been an advocate for my health. Before I was unhealthy and did not care about my health. Now, because of Dr. Ishaaya, I have changed my life completely and to the better. Dr. Ishaaya really cares. Not only did he take care of me, but I had referred my entire family to him. I consider him my life coach, and I will forever feel indebted to him.
    Michael F.
  • The diagnosis of sleep apnea which I received, and the treatment for it (involving the use of a CPAP machine and also medication) has changed my life in wonderful ways. I feel healthier, more rested, and with greater vitality then I have in my entire adult life.
    Larry S.
  • Dr. Ishaaya was awesome and informative. He has good bed side manners.
    Joshua G.
  • The staff, and Dr. Ishaaya, were all very friendly and professional. They answered all questions and concerns.
    Michael C.
  • Great experience, very friendly staff.
    Taylor H.
  • Exactly as presented. Excellent service and follow up.
    Greg B.
  • For an office with so many patients, Dr Ishaaya still took the time to listen and discuss all medical issues. And with the Sleep Center next door, everything is very convenient.
    Ron M.
  • Very friendly workers and very short waiting time.
    Camille C.
  • Efficient and convenient sleep medicine in your own home.
    Gary K.
  • Great interactions, very thorough. Dr. Avi's company helps out with APAP management, and checks on my numbers and provides me with all supplies.
    Brett S.
  • Fantastic. I had a great experience with the entire staff which made my pre op test a pleasant one. Thank u very much 2 the entire staff I wish I could remember everyone's name just 2 say a personal thanks but I did not and 4 that I am sorry.
    Tina D.
  • Dr. Avi has the better solution for elimination of snoring. Faster and more convenient.
    Adrian A.
  • I found Dr. Avi Ishaaya to be very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. I would recommend him to friends or family
    Robert L.
  • Very, very positive experience. The equipment is better than what I had been using and I now sleep better and feel more rested. The follow up has been good as well. I will recommend Dr. Avi to my sleep apnea friends!
    John G.
  • Efficient and courteous. The APAP device works very well and I'm pleased with the experience.
    Ruben P.
  • Dr. Ishaaya was great. Very professional and attentive. He took the time to talk with me about my concerns. I really felt like I was a priority. His staff was also very nice. I'd recommend him to anyone.
    Patrick M.
  • Excellent! Professional staff are all great and Dr. Ishaaya is always wonderful.
    Neva R.
  • Very professional, knowledgeable and caring staff. A big plus is that the entire office staff laughed at all of my jokes, even when they weren't funny. The entire exam was also done in efficiently so that my time wasn't wasted, waiting in an exam room or the waiting room.
    Israel M.
  • My visit was efficient, my concerns were addressed, and I was satisfied with my experience.
    Joel M.
  • Amazing staff, caring, and attentive. Dr. Avi was very nice, and caring.
    Marlene F.
  • Dr. Ishaaya was extremely caring and professional which made us feel very confortable during our visit.
    Florencia W.
  • My visits to Dr. Ishaaya's office are always very personable and through. Dr. always tries to do whatever test is appropriate at the time of my visit. The office staff is very friendly and efficient.
    Alana J.
  • Durning my recent visit with Dr. Avi Ishaaya medical office, I truly experienced the epitome of one time one mission service environment. I give my first time experience 5 stars.
    Alice P.

The Centers

Leading a team of qualified healthcare professionals, Avi Ishaaya M.D., F.C.C.P., F.A.C.G.S., M.A.C.G.S. is board certified in Pulmonary Medicine, Sleep Medicine, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and is a member of the American Board of Bariatic Medicine. He is an assistant clinical professor of medicine at the UCLA School of Medicine. Dr. Ishaaya, a respected physician and teacher, has had an extensive private practice since 1996.

Serving the Los Angeles area, we, at Dr. Avi Ishaaya Centers, combine state-of-the-art technology with an unwavering dedication to our patients. Dr. Ishaaya’s vision is to provide comprehensive, superior medical evaluation services and a wide range of testing and screening procedures under one roof saving time and money to his patients. Some of the services available include breathing tests (such as Pulmonary Function Test), Exercise Stress Test, real-time evaluation of the heart (Echocardiography), complete laboratory blood and urine testing, ultrasound, allergy testing, sleep disorders testing, and body composition and fat analysis.

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We are dedicated to

  • Listening to our patients’ questions, treating our patients’ medical needs, and solving our patients’ medical concerns.
  • Empowering our patients to make informed decisions regarding their health care providing them with current medical information on their diagnosis and treatment, and encouraging them to ask questions.
  • Making our patients’ experience with us as pleasant and comforting as possible.
  • Respecting our patients’ busy schedules and being as prompt and accessible as possible.
  • Performing most necessary tests and exams in our office during a single appointment.